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We balance the latest evidence-based medical treatments and interventions with a wealth of clinical experience.
Foot And Leg Pain Centre

Podiatry Dural

The “Foot and Leg Pain Centre” is about restoring your “Physical Freedom”. We play above the line and are anchored by values of credibility, integrity and delivering world-class outcomes. We specialise in the diagnosis, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of chronic foot, leg and lower back pain. Our goal is to offer instant relief followed by long term symptom resolution.

Conditions We Treat

Children aren’t just little adults. Their physiology differs from ours, meaning they often require different treatments and assessments than adults.
Your feet do a lot for you!  While healthy feet are generally able to manage the forces we place on them, whether it be playing sports or simply moving through daily life, sometimes things can stand in our way.
Knee pain is no walk in the park. Knee pain may develop for a number of reasons, such as an injury, a medical condition, or joint deterioration with ageing.
Structural and biomechanical abnormalities in the feet or lower legs may cause your body to unconsciously adjust to compensate for pain and discomfort. Over time, this may lead to other areas of your body, such as your hips or lower back, becoming painful and uncomfortable.
Foot pain includes more than sports injuries and postural problems. Your toenails and the skin on your feet are just as important to your foot health and your health as a whole, so it’s important to take care of them.
Some medical conditions are prone to affecting the feet, such as diabetes mellitus and lupus erythematosus. While foot complications tend to be more common in people with such conditions, they can often be prevented with regular care, assessment, and treatment.

Plantar fasciitis is a common condition that results in pain at the bottom of the heel. It’s caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot, connecting your heel bone to your toes.

Podiatrist Dural
Dr Angus Chard PhD leads our team. He is an internationally recognised, second-generation Sports Podiatrist and Honorary Associate of The University of Sydney. His extensive clinical experience and Doctorate distinguish him as a leader within the Podiatric profession and a Specialist in Lower-Limb Musculoskeletal Medicine with an emphasis in Paediatrics.
Foot And Leg Pain Centre

Treatment options available

Posture and Biomechanics

While posture refers to the way we hold our bodies, biomechanics is the way our bodies work during rest and in motion. It’s rooted in science— physics in particular— and analyses how a person runs, walks, and sits.


After an injury or surgery, you may need rehabilitation to help your feet and legs regain their strength and flexibility. Working with a podiatrist is essential following an injury to or surgery on your feet or legs, as they understand how to determine the type or types of rehabilitation that may work best for you.

Footwear and Orthotics

Foot orthotics are a prescribed form of insole that is handmade to an individual’s specific foot or feet. Orthotics are often used to correct foot pathologies in an effort to reduce musculoskeletal pains in the feet and legs.

Walking, Running and Falls Assessment

Did you know the way you walk and run plays a part in your risk of acquiring injuries or having a fall? Whether you strike the pavement, sand, or grass on your forefoot, midfoot, or rearfoot, having an understanding of the way you do so is crucial.

General Podiatry

Podiatry is a branch of medicine devoted to the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of the feet and lower limbs. While it’s primarily associated with the feet, podiatry also extends to the lower legs, and the benefits of podiatry may be felt all the way from your toes to your head.

Foot And Leg Pain Centre

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Podiatry Dural

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At the Foot and Leg Pain Centre, we regularly treat patients in Dural, NSW and the surrounding suburbs including Arcadia, Baulkham Hills, Beecroft, Bella Vista, Carlingford, Castle Hill, Cheltenham, Cherrybrook, Galston, Glenhaven, Hornsby, Kellyville, Norwest, Pennant Hills, Rouse Hill, Seven Hills, Thornleigh, Wahroonga, Westleigh & Winston Hills.