An extensive range of foot orthotics is available to alter the complex array of bones, joints, muscles and ligaments in the feet and legs. Orthotics are prescribed and hand made for accurate correction of foot pathologies to reduce long suffered musculoskeletal foot and leg pains. These include osteoarthritic knees, plantar fasciitis, heel spur syndrome, Morton's Neuroma and muscle overuse leading to tired, achy legs or in children growing pains, to name a few. In addition, accommodative orthotics will help peculiarly shaped feet following surgery or redistribute body weight away from painful weight-bearing sites.

Orthoses should feel comfortable and easily fitted into a range of footwear choices. Women can ask for advice about fashion orthotics to improve foot and leg comfort while wearing high heels. Orthoses can be prescribed for sports-specific footwear such as football boots, ballet slippers and ski boots.

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