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Foot And Leg Pain Centre

About Us

The “Foot and Leg Pain Centre” is about restoring your “Physical Freedom”. We play above the line and are anchored by values of credibility, integrity and delivering world-class outcomes.

About Us

The “Foot and Leg Pain Centre” is about restoring your “Physical Freedom”. We play above the line and are anchored by values of credibility, integrity and delivering world-class outcomes. We specialise in the diagnosis, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of chronic foot, leg and lower back pain. Our goal is to offer instant relief followed by long term symptom resolution.

Our Team

Dr Angus Chard PhD

Dr. Angus Chard PhD is a second-generation Sports Podiatrist. He received his Doctorate in Biomechanics with an emphasis on Paediatric Pathomechanics in 2018 from The University of Sydney (USYD). With over 30 years of clinical experience and the highest academic achievement, he is dedicated to assisting patients in finding the right balance between available evidence and effective treatments. Dr. Chard remains actively involved in advancing the evidence for athlete performance and risk profiling, as well as lower-limb interventions. He is an Honorary Associate and guest lecturer at The University of Sydney’s School of Medicine and Health.

Additionally, Angus is an active life saver and a dedicated competitor representing Bondi Surf Club in ocean and surf ski paddling disciplines. His passion for water sports and commitment to physical fitness further contribute to his well-rounded approach to sports podiatry.

Michelle Cuthbert, a Podiatrist with over 20 years of experience, hails from Johannesburg, South Africa, where she grew up. Raised by ultra-marathon running parents and being an avid runner herself, Michelle intimately understands the significant impact foot and leg pain can have on individuals. This firsthand awareness fuels her unwavering commitment to resolving these symptoms for her patients.

In addition to her professional dedication, Michelle takes pride in being a devoted mother to two young girls who constantly keep her on her toes.

Dr Michelle Cuthbert

Dr Hayden Sharp

Hayden Sharp became a Podiatrist following a successful ten-year career as a carpenter and builder. His fervour for addressing musculoskeletal conditions is deeply rooted in his background as a competitive athlete, having participated in rugby league, rugby union, surfing, and golf.

Furthermore, Hayden is a devoted family man who finds constant fulfillment and challenges in the presence of his young daughter and newborn son.

Thomas Shannon is a skilled podiatrist and accomplished professional athlete with special interests in musculoskeletal strength and conditioning, sports rehabilitation, and paediatric lower limb treatment. Additionally, his personable, empathetic, and fastidious management of mature patients requiring routine care distinguishes his approach. His feet are set on competing at the 2026 Commonwealth Games. He has previously represented Australia in both hammer throw and Olympic weightlifting, achieving personal bests of 140kg in the snatch and 180kg in the clean and jerk.

Dr Thomas Shannon

Genevieve O’Brien

Genevieve is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the seamless operation of our practice. She possesses a genuine passion for delivering a world-class customer experience to our patients, providing them with the necessary certainty and clarity to make well-informed decisions.

With over a decade of experience as a veterinary nurse, Genevieve joined our team in order to share her delightful sense of humour and cheerful demeanour with a broader audience. When she is not skilfully managing the practice, she finds joy in spending time with her husband and teenage daughter, engaging in activities such as bushwalking. Additionally, she cherishes moments of relaxation while cuddling up with her four beloved cats.

Michael Chard

Michael Chard is a licensed anxiety and comfort specialist with a unique ability to connect with individuals seeking solace through scratches or cuddles. His expertise lies in offering distraction to anxious children and extending emotional support to those in need. As a Licensed Service Dog, Michael embodies a calm and affectionate demeanour.

If you would prefer not to meet Michael NO PROBLEM, please advise reception prior to arrival or on entry and he will gladly take his smoko break.

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