Some medical conditions result in accelerated peripheral vascular disease and complications of poor foot sensation with neuropathy. At the Foot and Leg Pain Centre, we are equipped with the latest assessment methods for measuring the health of your circulation and sensation. In the case of Diabetes Mellitus, benchmarking your neurological and vascular health is essential to prevent more significant complications from developing. Yearly Neurological Vascular Assessments form part of the Diabetes Australia guidelines for proactive management of Diabetic foot complications.

People experiencing vascular or neurological deterioration due to an underlying condition are more likely to develop ulcers. For example, foot and leg complications may develop with those diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus or Lupus Erythematosus. Common complications are ulcers and or Charcot Joints, where the midfoot develops multiple microfractures and can collapse.

Typically, ulcers are categorised as vascular or neurological, depending on whether they are due to poor circulation or poor feeling. In both instances, weight-bearing pressure, poor biomechanics and incorrect posture may prevent proper healing of the ulcer.

Numerous treatments and resources are available to resolve ulcer's prevent future ulcer development, and proactively manage your feet.

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