At the Foot & Leg Pain Centre, the principles of 'Sports Medicine' and 'Sports Podiatry 'are implemented wherever applicable. Our complete treatment approach to sports injuries incorporates a range of the latest healing and management techniques. Our focus is on resolving your foot and or leg complaints quickly to ensure minimal time away from your chosen activity.
"Our emphasis is on you not missing the next game."
We will diagnose your condition, taking a complete history of contributing factors before addressing your immediate symptoms with short-term treatment, including a range of paddings and strappings and manual therapies. Biomechanical influences of muscle length and strength, structural contributions, and loading will be assessed, followed by footwear, activity and lifestyle considerations. Sport-specific foot strengthening programmes may be implemented. With over 130-foot strengthening protocols at hand, strengthening for function and performance is available for all activities and levels.
Specific sports or activities like ballet, skiing, rock climbing, cycling, and ballroom dancing require particular treatments and management techniques.
Custom shoe and sport-specific footwear modifications, as well as custom ski-boot fitting for ski and snowboard boots, dance shoes and ballet slipper modifications, are available.
A variety of foot orthoses are available for short term symptom resolution and longer-term management of underlying structural considerations.
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