Children are not little adults. As babies mature as infants and then children, they pass through many developmental milestones with their legs and feet twisting and turning. This de-rotating or "unwinding, as I like to say, is necessary for their legs to mature and develop the required adult-like shape for efficient gait (walking, running and jumping). It is essential for developing infants and children to reach and complete a variety of developmental milestones. These milestones must be achieved in the correct time and order for healthy walking, running and jumping skills to develop. 

Recognition of missed or delayed developmental milestones represents a window of opportunity for treatments to be implemented, helping children catch up to their peers. If structural abnormalities are recognised at an early enough age, there is an opportunity for a variety of interventions to give them the help they need to catch up to their peers. 


At the Foot & Leg Pain Centre, our job is to identify these children at the earliest age and implement treatments or refer and collaborate with other professionals to ensure your child's healthy skeletal growth.

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