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Foot And Leg Pain Centre

Podiatry Arcadia

Nurturing healthy feet for a happy life. 

Dr Angus Chard PhD

The “Foot and Leg Pain Centre” has been established for 20 years and is about restoring your “Physical Freedom”.

Dr Angus Chard, PhD, has distinguished himself among his colleagues with 30 years of clinical experience and a doctorate in Podiatric Musculoskeletal Medicine with an emphasis in children’s foot and leg dynamics.

He leads a passionate team of highly skilled Podiatrists near Arcadia who are anchored by our shared values of credibility, integrity and delivering world-class outcomes. We specialise in the diagnosis, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of chronic foot, leg, and lower back pain.

Our goal is to offer instant relief followed by long term symptom resolution.

Common Podiatry Conditions

Due to the foot’s intricate design, pain and discomfort can occur in various areas including the toes, sole, forefoot, rearfoot, and ankle. 

The onset of knee pain can occur for multiple reasons and is not restricted by age. 

The feet can be impacted by skin and nail disorders such as ingrown toenails, plantar warts, corns and calluses, among others. 

Being small doesn’t spare children from experiencing discomfort in their legs and feet! It’s vital to detect the sources of pain at the earliest stage to support their growth and development. 

Conditions involving the feet and legs can produce extensive consequences, possibly affecting the hips and lower back. 

Persons living with diabetes and particular other medical conditions might be more susceptible to developing foot problems than their counterparts. 

Foot And Leg Pain Centre

What To Expect From Podiatry

Podiatry Assessment Arcadia

1. Assessment

The Arcadia podiatrist should inspect the area of concern, whether it’s on the sole of your foot, around a toenail, or your ankles, knees, or hips. This could involve them visually assessing and feeling the area and observing your stride to pinpoint the probable cause of your issue. 

Podiatry Diagnosis Arcadia

2. Diagnosis

With this information, your podiatrist should come to a conclusion and offer a diagnosis of your condition. If necessary, X-Rays, ultrasound and MRI may be ordered to clarify your diagnosis. 

Podiatry Treatment Arcadia

3. Treatment

Once they’ve diagnosed your condition, your podiatrist will ascertain and recommend the best suited treatment course for you. 

The Complete Guide to Podiatry

Primarily dealing with feet, podiatry is a medicinal discipline dedicated to the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of the feet and lower limbs. Despite this association, podiatry also encompasses lower leg care, and its positive impact can extend from your toes to your head.

Seeing a podiatrist near Arcadia may be necessary if you are encountering problems with your feet such as plantar fasciitis (heel pain), arthritis, flat feet, sprains, or any other issues impacting your feet or lower legs. If a healthcare professional believes your feet or legs might be the root of a problem, they may refer you to a podiatrist. An experienced podiatrist, well-informed about all aspects of feet, ankles, and legs, strives to ensure you regain your mobility as swiftly and freely as possible. 

podiatrist Arcadia

How We Treat Your Feet

General Podiatry Biomechanics Arcadia

Posture And Biomechanics

The posture you maintain while moving and staying still can have a substantial impact on any pain or discomfort you may encounter.

General Podiatry Rehabilitation Arcadia


A variety of rehabilitation methods for feet are available, such as dry needling, joint mobilisation, stretching, strengthening, and shockwave.

General Podiatry Falls Assessment Arcadia

Walking Running And Falls Assessment

Assessing your gait— the way you walk and run— may be useful in preventing injuries and avoidable falls.

General Podiatry Orthtotics Arcadia

Footwear And Orthotics

Having the right footwear is crucial, and orthotics can be adapted to various types of shoes to assist you and your children in moving without pain and more effectively.

General Podiatry Ingrown Toenails Arcadia

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Approaches to ingrown toenail treatment span from conservative techniques to surgical interventions, with a focus on making each as pain-free as possible.

General Podiatry Cosmetic Toenail Surgery Arcadia

Painless Cosmetic Toenail Surgery

In some cases, removing a portion of an ingrown toenail may be recommended. We take every precaution to do this painlessly and cosmetically. Local anesthetic is available when needed.

Foot And Leg Pain Centre

Why Foot and Leg Pain Centre?

30+ Years Of Experience

Dr Angus Chard, PhD, represents the second generation of podiatrists in his family, bringing with him more than 30 years of hands-on experience.

Wide Range Of Treatments

We offer many forms of treatment and will discuss all of your options with you.

Evidence-Based Treatments

With the knowledge backed by a Doctorate and a wealth of clinical exposure, Dr Angus Chard, PhD, understands the necessity of integrating evidence with clinical practice.

Referrals From Practitioners

Practitioners: Our focus in podiatry treatment is to support your patients in staying independently active. Do you think any of your patients could benefit from podiatry treatment? If so, we are pleased to accept your referrals. With a particular emphasis on addressing complex and chronic foot and leg pain, we can provide exceptional care in a welcoming atmosphere. We are also happy to collaborate with you and accommodate patients under the Enhanced Primary Care Plan arrangement. Contact our team today for further information! 

local podiatry clinic Arcadia

Foot And Leg Pain Centre

Answers to Your Podiatry Questions

A podiatrist evaluates your feet and lower legs to find out if there are any complications and, if found, how they might offer help. At Foot and Leg Pain Centre, our mission is to restore your physical independence. 

Common conditions addressed by podiatrists include flat or excessively arched feet, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, skin and nail disorders, and patients with ailments like arthritis and diabetes. 

Regular foot hygiene involves good cleansing and drying of your feet, managing clean toenails, and resorting to a podiatrist if any potential issues are detected. 

Many individuals opt to consult a podiatrist when they endure pain in their feet or ankles or identify issues like plantar warts, bunions, or irritating corns or calluses. Individuals with diabetes should consistently visit a podiatrist because of their heightened risk of foot complications. 

No, you can directly visit a podiatrist without needing a referral.

Certainly, you will. Making you hip hop happy before you walk out the door, leaving your pain behind, is deeply rooted in our values. 

Certainly, our treatments are grounded in evidence, experience, and the individual patient’s needs and goals. Some of the studies referenced in this page include: 

Blair, S. N. (2009). “Physical inactivity: the biggest public health problem of the 21st century.” British Journal of Sports Medicine 43(1): 1-2. 

At the Foot and Leg Pain Centre, we regularly treat patients in Dural, NSW and the surrounding suburbs including Arcadia, Baulkham Hills, Beecroft, Bella Vista, Carlingford, Castle Hill, Cheltenham, Cherrybrook, Galston, Glenhaven, Hornsby, Kellyville, Norwest, Pennant Hills, Rouse Hill, Seven Hills, Thornleigh, Wahroonga, Westleigh & Winston Hills.

Foot And Leg Pain Centre

Step Up Your Foot Health

At Foot and Leg Pain Centre, we’re dedicated to addressing all your foot and leg concerns. Regardless of whether you’re a student, athlete, senior, or a combination of them all (kudos to you!), you deserve to enjoy the physical freedom that podiatry treatment can provide. Our goal is to restore your physical freedom and have you back on your feet as swiftly and safely as possible. To begin, schedule your initial assessment.