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Foot And Leg Pain Centre

Podiatrist near Hornsby

We integrate state-of-the-art, scientifically backed medical treatments with our broad clinical knowledge to offer the finest level of care.

Dr Angus Chard PhD

For two decades, the “Foot and Leg Pain Centre” has been dedicated to helping you regain your “Physical Freedom”.

Dr Angus Chard, PhD, is notable among his colleagues for his 30 years of clinical experience and his doctorate in Podiatric Musculoskeletal Medicine, focusing on children’s foot and leg dynamics.

He directs an enthusiastic team of highly qualified Podiatrists near Hornsby who are dedicated to our principles of credibility, integrity, and delivering world-class results. We are devoted to the diagnosis, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of chronic foot, leg, and lower back pain.

We are committed to offering swift relief followed by ongoing symptom resolution.

Common Conditions We Treat

Your feet do a lot for you! While healthy feet are generally able to manage the forces we place on them, whether it be playing sports or simply moving through daily life, sometimes things can stand in our way.

Knee pain can be quite challenging. It may arise due to various factors like an injury, a medical condition, or the natural wear and tear of joints with age.

Foot pain involves more than sports injuries and postural challenges. Your toenails and foot skin are vital to your foot health and overall health, making their care important.

Children are unique in their physiology, which necessitates different treatments and assessments from those used for adults.

Abnormalities in the structure and biomechanics of the feet or lower legs might lead your body to unconsciously compensate for pain and discomfort. Over time, this can cause pain and discomfort in other parts of the body, such as the hips or lower back.

People with diabetes and particular other medical conditions are often at greater risk of experiencing foot problems than others.

Foot And Leg Pain Centre

What Happens During Podiatry Treatment

Podiatry Assessment Hornsby

1. Assessment

A thorough assessment of the concern, involving a physical examination and gait analysis, will be carried out by your podiatrist.

Podiatry Diagnosis Hornsby

2. Diagnosis

Upon completing the assessment, we utilise this information to deliver a diagnosis. Additional x-rays, ultrasound, or MRI might be needed to further understand your condition.

Podiatry Treatment Hornsby

3. Treatment

Your podiatrist will develop an individualised treatment plan based on your specific condition, lifestyle, and treatment goals.

What Does Podiatry Involve?

Podiatry is a specific area of medicine concentrating on the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders affecting the feet and lower limbs. Though it primarily focuses on foot problems, podiatry also includes the lower legs, potentially benefiting overall well-being from head to toe.

Consulting a podiatrist might be beneficial if you have foot-related problems such as plantar fasciitis (heel pain), arthritis, flat feet, sprains, or other conditions affecting your feet or lower legs. Additionally, you might be referred to a podiatrist if another healthcare professional suspects that your symptoms arise from your feet or legs, even if you are unaware of it. An experienced podiatrist understands the complexities of the feet, ankles, and legs and is focused on helping you reach optimal mobility and comfort as swiftly as possible.

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How We Treat Your Feet

General Podiatry Biomechanics Hornsby

Posture And Biomechanics

The way you position your body during movement and rest can significantly contribute to any pain or discomfort you feel.

General Podiatry Rehabilitation Hornsby


There are many rehabilitation techniques for feet, including dry needling, joint mobilisation, stretching, strengthening and shockwave.

General Podiatry Falls Assessment Hornsby

Walking Running And Falls Assessment

Examining your gait and the way you walk and run can be beneficial in preventing injuries and avoidable falls.

General Podiatry Orthtotics Hornsby

Footwear And Orthotics

The right footwear is vital for foot health, and orthotics can be designed to fit many types of shoes to help resolve biomechanical issues.

General Podiatry Ingrown Toenails Hornsby

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Ingrown toenail treatments can be conservative or surgical, with approaches tailored to your unique needs.

General Podiatry Cosmetic Toenail Surgery Hornsby

Cosmetic Toenail Surgery

Occasionally, removing part of an ingrown toenail is necessary. We make sure to perform this with minimal impact on the appearance of your feet.

Foot And Leg Pain Centre

Why Choose Us?

Extensive Experience

With over 30 years of clinical experience, Dr Angus Chard, PhD, is a second-generation podiatrist.

Tailored Treatment Options

We offer a wide range of treatments and will discuss all of your options in developing a treatment plan.

Science-Backed Treatment

With a Doctorate and a wealth of clinical experience, Dr Angus Chard, PhD, appreciates the need to balance evidence with clinical knowledge.

Referrals from Practitioners

Practitioners: Podiatry treatment is aimed at helping your patients stay independently active. Do you believe any of your patients may benefit from podiatry treatment? If so, we’re happy to accept your referrals. With a focus on complex and chronic foot and leg pain, we can provide quality care in a welcoming environment. We are also happy to collaborate with you and receive your patients under the Enhanced Primary Care Plan arrangement. Reach out to our team today to learn more!

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Foot And Leg Pain Centre

Your Podiatry Questions Answered

A podiatrist is a healthcare professional specialising in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of conditions impacting the feet, ankles, and lower legs. They deliver comprehensive care through physical examinations, medical history reviews, diagnostic tests, and treatments such as orthotics, physical therapy, medications, and surgeries when needed. Podiatrists also provide guidance on foot care, footwear, and injury prevention to enhance overall foot health and mobility.

Podiatry encompasses a variety of common foot and lower limb conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, flat feet, sprains and strains, bunions, corns and calluses, diabetic foot care, ingrown toenails, heel spurs, and toenail fungus. Podiatrists deliver targeted treatments and preventive care to help relieve pain, boost function, and improve overall quality of life.

You should see a podiatrist if you are feeling pain or discomfort in your feet or ankles, have an injury, or have issues with warts, bunions, corns, and calluses. People with diabetes should include regular podiatry care in their ongoing management plan due to the higher risk of foot problems.

A referral is not required to see a podiatrist. You can book an appointment directly online or by getting in touch with our clinic.

Yes. We value your health and quality of life and aim to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

We base our treatments on evidence, experience, and the individual patient’s needs and goals. Some of the studies referenced in this page include: Blair, S. N. (2009). “Physical inactivity: the biggest public health problem of the 21st century.” British Journal of Sports Medicine 43(1): 1-2.

Foot And Leg Pain Centre

Improve Your Foot Health

At Foot and Leg Pain Centre, we aim to address all of your foot and leg concerns. Regardless of your age or lifestyle, you deserve the physical freedom that podiatry treatment can provide. Our goal is to restore your physical freedom and get you back on your feet as quickly and safely as possible. To begin, book your initial assessment.