Healthy Nails and Herbal Podiatry

Healthy Nails is a herbal remedy that has been used in practice by Angus Chard and other podiatrists he has been associated with for some years. This remedy is extremely effective in the treatment and resolution of fungal toe-nail complaints.

When a fungal infection is present, nails are marked by a brownish yellow discolouration and become thicker, harder and more brittle. In some cases, the nails become scaly and flaky. Commonly, an affected nail may become partially detached, and therefore unstable, so that it becomes sensitive. Sometimes painful corns or other conditions develop underneath the nail.

When Healthy Nails is applied once daily, as advised by Angus Chard, no changes should be expected initially. As this treatment method is not a fungicide but more of a fungistatic application, the drops must be continued daily for the period of time it takes for the nail to grow out. After approximately four months, a new fungus-free nail typically emerges from the nail base. Treatment should continue until the nails growth cycle is complete to prevent recurrence.
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