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Walking And Running, And Risk of Ankle Sprain or Falls Assessment

Walk this way.

Walking And Running Techniques— Why Worry?

Did you know the way you walk and run plays a part in your efficiency, risk of injury or having a fall? Whether you strike the pavement, sand, or grass on your forefoot, midfoot, or rearfoot, having an understanding of the way you do so is crucial. This not only helps avoid falls and reduce your chance of acquiring injuries, but it also reduces fatigue by taking advantage of your stored elastic energy.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, senior citizen, or parent of a young child, minor refinement to your walking and running techniques can have profound impacts on your efficiency and performance. 

Types Of Assessments Available

These types of assessments help to recognise if, how, and why any facet of your body plays a role in hindering the way you move. In addition, they also help to reduce your risk of injury or re-injury.
Walking and running assessments look at the way you move to determine if your technique may be contributing to pain or increasing your chances of injury. The ultimate goal is to improve your endurance, comfort and performance.
We follow an evidence-based risk profiling and falls prevention program which has been shown to reduce the incidence of falls in those over 65 by 36%.
We have combined the evidence to profile the risk of those likely to sprain their ankles. Our proactive ankle sprain assessment are the first step in proactively reducing your risk of these debilitating injuries.
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Dr Angus Chard, PhD, focuses on walking, running and sidestepping techniques. He and his team combine their decades of experience with improving your functional efficiencies.

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We aim to help everybody regardless of their age or condition.

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We turn to evidence-based methods and interventions to determine the best possible course of action.

Looking To Refer?

Attention: practitioners! If you’re looking for a podiatrist to refer patients to, we’re ready and willing to help. Our team have extensive experience in managing chronic foot and leg conditions. With a PhD in our team focused on gate dynamics and compensatory pathomechanics, we are a world-class practice focused on ensuring accelerated outcomes for your patients. We are also happy to collaborate with you and receive your patients under the Enhanced Primary Care Plan arrangement. Contact us to learn more.

Foot And Leg Pain Centre

Your Questions Answered

A walking or running assessment involves a podiatrist watching the way you walk or run to determine if there are any improvements that could be made. These assessments are conducted on a treadmill with video gate analysis or outside on a 100-metre track called a footpath which the council has so kindly installed for us!
As an example, a high-quality double-blinded randomised controlled trial published in the British Medical Journal reported a multifaceted podiatry intervention programme reduced the incidence of falls among mature Australians by 36%. This included management of skin and nail problems for localised areas of pressure and pain, foot orthotics if necessary, appropriate footwear guidance, and a foot strengthening protocol.
In short, “pain-free efficient propulsive gait (movement)”. These assessments may be helpful for people with injuries and people hoping to reduce their risk of injuries. You may find that the results of your assessment help you to move with less pain and/or to walk or run long distances.

Yes, we use evidence-based approaches in everything we do. Here are some relevant resources about walking and running assessment for your review.

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Yes, we can do assessments for professional athletes, regardless of the sport you play.
Foot And Leg Pain Centre

Proactive Care Starts Here

Whether you’re a runner or walker, no matter your age or lifestyle, working to prevent injury is important to keeping you on the move. At Foot and Leg Pain Centre, we take the time to get to know you and your gait (the way you move) to help you retain or restore your physical freedom. To get started, contact our experienced team today.