Wolff’s Law tells us that bone will adapt to the forces that are placed upon it. This relates to lumps and bumps, clawed or hammered toes, bumps on the back of heels and, especially, bunions. In some cases these feet simply need some help with maintenance.

If a foot is working in an abnormal way, whether it is for biomechanical, footwear or lifestyle reasons, accompanying muscles, tendons and ligaments will also work in an abnormal way. This typically results in crooked toes and / or the development of bony bumps (called exostoses) over joints. These areas may be painful and contribute to a difficult-to-fit foot when buying shoes.

At the Dural Podiatry and Sports Podiatry Centre, we will determine the underlying reason for the joint change and any bumps and will select, from a diverse range of treatments, to suit your lifestyle.

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