Feet and legs are commonly injured during industrial and work-related accidents. Accidents can be as simple as dropping something on your foot, twisting your ankle or stumbling during a work-related activity. Many of these occurrences are dismissed by workers and, at the time, trivialised by employers. Symptoms following these incidents may be minor, to begin with before growing into more complex conditions resulting in a vast array of compensations. These compensations may lead to difficulty finding comfortable footwear through to neighbouring muscle and joint problems. 

At the Foot and Leg Pain Centre, we assist you by collecting a thorough medical and incident history relating to your work-related injury. We assess and consider the complex compensations that may have occurred due to this injury. In some situations, a foot injury may contribute to a sore back, while a back injury may result in a sore foot. We will collaborate with your nominated health professionals prior to reporting to your insurance provider to ensure you receive the best and latest available treatments to return to active duties in a measured way. Maintaining similar values to those we use with sports injuries, our goal is to resolve your symptoms and rehabilitate your condition so that you may return to active duties as soon as is possible 

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